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After working as a software engineer in local and bay area organizations, Ziyad co-founded Safepay to bring a modern payment gateway solution to the
Starting as an associate in the Banking and Finance Practice working across a spectrum of debt finance solutions and advising international banks on regulatory
Experienced legal practitioner with a demonstrated history of working with early stage businesses and investors in the technology industry.
Arzish is an award-winning community builder who specializes in entrepreneurship and innovation travel. He’s the youngest global graduate from Founder Institute, the Country Manager
A digital business leader with 18+ years of experience in creating market strategies, establishing new API channels and driving growth for large and complex product
Mohsin is an experienced Digital media strategist, marketing automation expert, e-commerce growth hacker, analytics expert and Brand specialist. He has been working with Fortune

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Haroon Q. Raja

Chief Happiness Officer, HappyCloud

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With a career spanning two decades across a diverse range of industries, Haroon started The HQ Show to invite field experts from his network to share from their expertise with the community.

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